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A Geocaching Guide – Bryngarw Country Park

If you love spending time outdoors exploring, then geocaching could be the perfect hobby for you. Similar to a treasure hunt, participants use GPS assistance to find containers called caches, usually hidden out of the way. Once found, the geocache could include anything from a present to a piece of paper to sign that you have found the cache.

We at Bryngarw now have numerous Geocaches around our park, ready to be found by our visitors. Whether you play alone, with friends, or with your whole family – people of all ages will enjoy this activity.

To get you started, here’s some kit advice –

• There is over 100 acres in Bryngarw, and whilst all of our caches can be accessed by pushchairs and individuals with limited mobility, we advise that you collect a Geocaching information sheet from our visitor centre before starting. Full of clues and tips, this sheet will ensure you know where to start. Plus, it includes a very useful map!

• A pen or pencil to sign log books – just ask our rangers’ for one!
• Sensible footwear – some parts of our park can get quite muddy depending on the time of year you are exploring.

Benefits of Geocaching –

It makes exercise fun.
Geocaching is a great form of exercise rather than ‘another walk around the block’.

Quality family time
Geocaching offers a chance for families to spend time together, which is always a bonus during today’s hectic schedules!

Nature appreciation
A simple walk in our Japanese garden or dash to the nearest geocache in the next meadow, will bring you closer to nature. Something we pride ourselves on offering here at Bryngarw.

The thrill of the hunt
This is a simple one! There is no feeling that matches the exhilaration of treasure hunting, except maybe treasure finding! What more can we say?!

Are you going to give Geocaching a go? For any questions or to book a GPS device email or telephone 01656 725155 to avoid disappointment.