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Book a Bryngarw Birthday Party

By Toni, 23rd Sep 2022

Finding somewhere to hold your child’s birthday party can often be a bit of a challenge, especially if they want to invite all their friends. While hosting at home has its limitations, and hiring a local hall usually means you have to provide the entertainment (as well as all the classic children’s party food) fortunately, there is another option – a Bryngarw birthday party.

Bryngarw Country Park has always been a big hit with children and families, that’s why it’s such a natural fit for a children’s birthday party venue. We have pretty much everything kids love all in one place – acres of space to run around in, a natural play area and epic play park facilities like swings, slides and roundabouts, a visitor centre full of fun activities, and plenty of fascinating wildlife and plant life to discover.

Perhaps the best part of a birthday at Bryngarw is that we do all the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about the catering and activities side of things – two of the main party stressors for busy parents.

Birthday activities

Keeping a group of kids occupied and engaged for a few hours isn’t always easy but luckily for us, we work with the incredible team from The Craft Junction who are experts in running arts and craft sessions for little ones. Obviously, nature activities are the primary focus, with bug hunting, den building and plenty more nature-based fun to be had.

We have a selection of activities to choose from, depending on what would suit the age group and preferences of the children in the party. They take place in our Y Nyth education centre and out in the park – just bring wellies and mini waterproofs along if it looks like it might rain on the day.

Party food

A very important part of any birthday party, the food is often a highlight for the kids but a bit of a nightmare for the parents. Here at Bryngarw, we relieve at least some of the birthday party stress by doing the catering for you. There’s no need to fill the car boot full of food, lug it inside and load it onto what seems like hundreds of paper plates.

We have plenty of classic party food options that the kids will love which you can select when you book; everything from hot dogs and pizza to the party staples of crisps, squash and ice cream. If any children in your group have particular dietary requirements, please inform our team when booking.

Enjoy a birthday adventure at Bryngarw Country Park

Our birthday party sessions run for 2 hours, which gives everyone plenty of time to enjoy whatever activities are on offer and tuck into all that party food. However, after the official party time is over, you can still take the children out into the park to run around, explore the natural play area or go for a walk. You can also download some of our Spotter Sheets in advance if you want to take the kids on a mini nature detective adventure.

Birthday party prices vary depending on the size of the group – you can find more information here. To book a children’s birthday party at Bryngarw Country House please call 01656 729009 or email us at

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