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Bryngarw Volunteers are ‘buzzing’ with rare bee species find

By Sophie, 03rd Aug 2023

We are ‘buzzing’ with this un-bee-lievable news from Bryngarw Park Volunteer Group!

Our meadows are now home to the Downland Villa bee-fly (Villa modesta), which in Wales is known only from Monmouthshire.

It was formerly a very rare species that was presumed extinct in Britain as recently as 2000 but was rediscovered in the Cotswolds.

It is now expanding northwards and westwards and arrived in Wales a year or two ago, Bryngarw now appears to be the most western-known location for it in Wales!

Their good finds didn’t stop there, they also found the European red-listed Flat-ridged Nomad bee (Nomada obtusifrons) alongside its host, the Small-flecked Mining bee (Andrena coitana).

We are so excited that our meadows and park are home to these special species, as well as at least three other nationally scarce bees: Cat’s-ear Mining Bee (Andrena humilis), Cat’s-ear Nomad Bee (Nomada integra) and Brown-banded Carder Bee (Bombus humilis).

Thank you to our hard-working rangers and volunteers for managing these grasslands to these rare species can thrive!

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