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What you can see in Bryngarw this Winter

By Sophie, 20th Nov 2023

There’s lots of amazing things to see in Bryngarw during the Winter months, look out for the following when you visit us:

Festive Sights

A bright splash of colour at this time of year, look out for the eye-catching red berries of the Holly tree as you wander around the park. Did you know, Holly trees are either male or female and it is only the female trees that produce berries!

Duck Displays

Our male Mallards are now looking their best, with new feathers grown at the start of Autumn, ready for Winter courtship displays. Keep an eye out at our lake to see the males perform in groups; swimming around the females, they rhythmically throw their heads up and emit a high-pitched ‘peeping’ sound.

Winter Gnats

One of the few insects active in Winter, look out for these gnats in woodland glades on a bright day where they gather in clouds to perform courtship displays. Watch as each male ascends gently above the group before floating gracefully back down and then repeating his performance.

River Residents

Winter is a great time to wander along the river and spot some of our more elusive water-loving bird species including the Dipper, Grey Wagtail, Kingfisher and Goosander. An early morning start is usually best for a spot of quiet bird watching.

Spring is closer than you think

In the depths of Winter, Spring can seem so far away, but even before the year is out there are already signs of new life to be found in the woods! In December, look out for the small green buds of catkins emerging on Hazel trees. As they grow, they will transform into bright yellow “lambs tails” dangling from the bare branches. Did you know, these yellow catkins are the male part of the tree; the female part are tiny pink-red flowers that grow close to the branch later in the season!

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